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Century Reader

Our timeless Century Series is now online and available to our subscribers. Both books are in PDF format and all 26 chapters of audio content in mp3 format. Click here for Century Reader Kindle Edition

The Century English Reader ISBN 87-987330-0-1

A English reader for students and teachers using English as a second language (students with three years experience of English). Twenty six chapters about some of the great events and people of the 20th century.

The Century Student’s Workbook ISBN 87-987330-2-8

The Century Student’s Workbook contains 70 pages of activities for all 26 chapters of The Century English Reader.

The Century Audio

All twenty six chapters of The Century English Reader read by native English speakers. Available on iTunes.

The Century Teacher’s Notes

Solutions to the many exercises and puzzles in The Century Students Workbook plus details such as word count and Danish ‘normalsidetal’.

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